Andla Andli Doven (Sarwan) - Kuldeep Manak (Lyrics with English Translation)

By Unknown - 11:10 PM

Remake Credits:
Album: Expectations
Track: Sada Sarwan Putter
Vocals: Bakshi Billa
Music: DJ Gurps
Lyrics: Bhulla Ram Chan (Chan Goraya Wala)

Original Credits:
Album: Unknown
Track: Andla Andli Doven
Vocals: Kuldeep Manak
Music: K S Narula
Lyrics: Bhulla Ram Chan (Chan Goraya Wala)

This song tells the story of Sarwan Kumar, mythological character that appeared in Ramayana (an ancient Sanskrit epic), who is well-known today for his devotion to his parents. Sarwan's mother was initially unable to conceive; the couple prayed for years to Brahma (the Hindu god of Creation). Eventually, Brahma appears before them and blesses them with a devoted son, but he warns them not to see him or else they will lose their vision. A month after Sarwan's birth, the couple broke their promise and become blind. One day at the riverbank, Sarwan's mother finds that her son is missing. He is eventually brought back to them unharmed by King Dasrath, who was childless for years. The couple blessed Dasrath with not one but four sons. Sarwan grew up to become a healthy and strong man. One day, his parents told him that they want him to take them to the forty places of pilgrimage. Transport was not only scarce but also costly at that time, and Sarwan couldn't afford it. He decided to put each parent in a basket and tie one basket to each end of a bamboo pole he would shoulder while on their pilgrimage. According to the legend, while hunting in the forest of Ayodhya, King Dasrath heard a sound near a lake and unleashed an arrow, hoping to hit a deer. When he crossed the lake to collect his kill, he found that his arrow had struck a boy. The boy was Sarwan who was his nephew; Sarwan's mother was Dasrath's sister. Sarwan told Dasrath that he came to the lake to collect water for his sick and aged parents, who were both blind and who he had been carrying on a sling. He requested the king to take the pitcher of water to his parents. When the king took water to Sarwan's parents and told them of Sarwan's death, they were unable to bear the shock. They cursed Dasrath that he too would experience the loss of his own son. Legend has it that this curse took in effect when Dasrath's son Rama was sent to the forests for fourteen years. 

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Andla Andli Doven Ro Ro Bhubaan Maarde
The blind parents [of Sarwan] cry out loud

Sun Ke Dasrath Kolon Putt Di Dard Kahani
After hearing the painful story of their son from Dasrath

Sada Sarwan Puttar Kithe Maar Mukaya Pappiya O Rajeya
Where did you kill off our son, you sinner?

Le Ja Asi Nahi Peena Tere Hathon Paani
We won't drink water from your hands. 

Sathon Vair Le Leya Das Tu Kehre Janama Da
From which lifetime have you returned to take a revenge?

Sadi Sarwan Ton Bin Wainghi Kaun Uthau
Without Sarwan who will carry us on their shoulders

Kehra Karuga Sadi Sewa Karma Maareya Di Pappiya O Jaalma
Who will take care of us, doomed by 'karma'

Kehra Maa Baap De Thand Kaleje Pau
Who will bring us peace?

Sadi Zindagi Da Tu Khireya Baagh Ujaar Ta
You've devastated our life's healthy garden

Tenu Sou Ni Rajeya Iko Gal Sunaiye

We will sum one hundred thoughts into one

Jehre Teer Naal Tu Maareya Sadde Puttar Nu Oh Jaalma Oh Vairia

The arrow that you used to kill our son

Ohi Teer Maarde Sade Vi Marjayie
Use it to kill us, too. 

Jande Bol Kadde Vi Gau Gareeb Di Khali Na
The words of the poor and helpless never go empty

Beh Gaye Asi 'Goraya Waleya' Man Ke Bhana
We will accept this as God's deed

Tu Vi Taraf Taraf Ke Marenga Apne Puttaran Nu
You will also suffer pain from your sons

Tenu Narkan De Vich Milna Nahi Tikana
You won't get a space in hell. 

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