Gal Sun Siyalan Diye Kudiye Ni (Heer) - Kuldeep Manak (Lyrics with English Translation)

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Album: Sahiban Bani Bharawan Di
Track: Gal Sun Siyalan Diye Kudiye Ni
Vocals: Kuldeep Manak
Music: Ved Sethi
Lyrics: Hardev Dilgir (Dev Tharikewala)

This song tells the story of Heer-Ranjha. Dev Tharikewala writes about the time when Heer (from village Jhang Siyal) is forcibly married to Saida Kana (from village Rangpur Kherhi). Kuldeep Manak sings from the perspective of Dhido Ranjha (from the village of Takht Hazara), who feels deceived, empty and heartbroken. 

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Gal Sun Siyalan Diye Kudiye Ni 
Take a listen you girl of Siyal (Heer's village of birth)

Mooho Mithiye Jehar Diye Pudiye Ni
Sweet of the mouth - a poisonous treat

Ehnu Kahnu Laara Louna Si, Je Tu Kherhi Viyah Karvouna Si
Why did you give [my heart] excuses if you were going to marry in Kherhi (Saida Kana's village)?

Galliyan Vich Ranjha Roll Ta
You've put Ranjha on the street

Chak Ke Jhaman Heer Doli Beh Gayi Kherhian Di 
Completing all rituals and festivities, Heer sits in the wedding palanquin 

Ranjhe Chaak Ne Do Hathir Patti Maari
Ranjha the shepherd falls to the ground in heartbreak

Tutt Gayi Yaari Te Mann Mureya Mureya Lagda Ni
Now that the bond (of Ranjha and Heer) is broken the mind feels empty and rejected

Hai Nahi Akhan De Vich Pehlan Wali Taari
The eyes (of Heer) are not the same anymore

Odon Kehndi Si Na Jeonde Jee Mukh Morhoogi
She (Heer) was then saying that she would not turn her face away until she's alive

Dhokha De Gayi Jattiye Tu Kaulan Ton Haari
Now you've betrayed me - you've lost to Kaulan
(Here a reference is made to another folk tale, the story of Shahni Kaulan. Kaulan's husband, Seth Bija, suspects that his wife is unfaithful to him. So, he challenges her to prepare him roti (also known as chapati) on a wet frying pan using her feet as the stove. Practically, it is impossible to make roti on a wet frying pan, but as the legend has it, Kaulan met the challenge and prevailed.)

Kehra Mooh Leh Ke Ni Jaavan Takht Hazare Nu
With what face should I go back to Takht Hazara (Ranjha's village)?

Taahne Bhabhiyan De Phirju Cine Aari
The taunts of my sister-in-laws will saw through my chest

Ajj Tak Meri Si Kal Hor Kise Di Hoje Ni
Yesterday she (Heer) was mine tomorrow she will be someone else's 

Palre Chaarh Tur Geya Khaali Hath Vapaari
The businessman (Ranjha) has lost everything and has left empty-handed

Hath Tan Jurh Gaye Ni Jihna De Naal Amiran De
Those that join hands with the rich and upper class

Rakh De Kadde Oho Na Naal Gareeban Yaari
Never become friends with the poor

Hath Vich Fadi Kalja Phire "Tharikean Wala" Ni
"Tharike Wala" (the writer of this song) walks away with his heart in his hands

Le Gaye Maar Mirhgini Kherhian De Shikaari
The hunters of Kherhi leave with their game, a hen (who is figuratively Heer). 

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