Udham Singh - Jazzy B (Lyrics with English Translation)

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Album: Shaheed Udham Singh
Track: Udham Singh
Vocals: Jazzy B
Music: Sukshinder Shinda
Lyrics: Jasbir Gunachauria

This song tells the story of Udham Singh. Udham Singh was a revolutionary who is best known for avenging the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919 by assassinating Michael O'Dwyer on March 13, 1940. 

You may listen to the song on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMfTeU6iSvo

Udham Singh London Ja Ke, Book Vich Pistol Luka Ke
Udham Singh goes to London and hides a pistol in a book. 

Labh Leya Vich Hall De Vairi, Gher Leya Pal Vich Ja Ke1
The lion (Udham Singh) found the enemy (O'Dwyer) in the hall and surrounds him

Galliyan Gaah Shehar Diyan, Bukda Si Sher Gusse Vich
After searching through all streets - The lion was roaring in anger

Kar Kar Ke Gaye Speechan Gore Sab Vaaro Vaari
The white men made speeches one at a time

Aya Jad Waqt Dwyer Da Paapi Gal Kare Niyari 2
When the time of O'Dwyer came, he said something quite interesting

Moohre Tan Khada Mic De (x2)
He's standing in front of the mic (x2)

Akhan Par Zeher Diyan, Karda Si Lecture Gora, Gallan Kare Vair Diyan, Karda Si Lecture Paapi
His eyes were full of poison - The white man was giving a lecture and was talking about enmity, The murderer was giving a lecture 

Sunn Ke Gal Kari Dwyer Di, Udham De Phir Gayi Aari
Listening to what O'Dwyer said, Udham Singh gets mad

Kadd Leya Pistol Sher Ne, Zaalam Di Hogayi Tiyari
The lion takes out the pistol - The killer was ready (to die)

Tha Tha Kar Hik Shaanti, Vairi Nu Punn-dita
He drills his chest with bullets, He kills the enemy

Laa Ta Vich Barf De Gora, Maar Ke Sutt Dita, Vairi Ton Le Leya Badla
He puts him in a cold chamber (of a mortuary), He finishes him off, He took revenge on O'Dwyer

Khoon Nal Lat Pat Hoya Ha-ha Kar Mach Gayi Saare, Lavo Hathkarian Mere Sher Tan Khada Pukare
Drenched in blood, the hall is full of chaos - The lion beseeches to be arrested 

Nib Gayi Meri Kasam Akhiri, Sir Ton Leh Bhaar Geya, Vairi Da Neoda Pata3
My promise has been fulfilled, The weight has come off from his head, The enemy has been repaid  

Sir Ton Leh Bhaar Geya, Dusham Di Bhaaji Mori
The weight has come off from his head, The enemy has been repaid  

Kar Leya Giraftar Sher Nu, Goreyan Ne Case Chalaya 
They arrested the lion, The white men started a lawsuit against him.

Chitte Din Ho Geya Kaara, Fansi Da Hukam Sunaya
A terrible thing happened on a beautiful day, The judge ordered death by hanging

Hasdeyan Gal Paake Rassa, Mehak Khilar Geya
He happily puts the rope around his neck, He spreads the odor (of patriotism)

Kenda Jag Saara Jindri, Desh Ton Vaar Geya 
The whole world says that he sacrificed his life for his country.

1 On March 13, 1940, almost 21 years after the Jallianwala Bagh killings, a joint meeting of the East India Association and the Royal Central Asian Society was scheduled at Caxton Hall (Westminister, London), and among the speakers was Sir Michael O'Dwyer. Singh concealed his revolver in a book specially cut for the purpose and managed to enter Caxton Hall. He took up his position against the wall. At the end of the meeting, the gathering stood up, and O'Dwyer moved towards the platform to talk to Lord Zetland. Singh pulled his revolver and fired. O'Dwyer was hit twice and died immediately.

2 Michael O'Dwyer was not the general who had led the Jallianwala Bagh massacre; General Reginald Dyer did. In the speech being referred to here, O'Dwyer had officially endorsed that Dyer's action was a "correct action."

3 Udham Singh mainly held Michael O'Dwyer responsible for what came to be known as the Amritsar Massacre. The incident had greatly shaken young Singh and proved a turning point in his life. After bathing in the holy sarovar (pool of nectar), Udham Singh took a silent vow and solemn pledge in front of the Golden Temple to wreak a vengeance on the perpetrators of the crime and to restore honour to what he saw as a humiliated nation. 

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