Tere Tille Ton (Heer) - Kuldeep Manak (Lyrics with English Translation)

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Album: Ektara Songs from Punjab
Track: Tere Tille Ton
Vocals: Kuldeep Manak
Music: K S Narula
Lyrics: Hardev Dilgir (Dev Tharikewala)

This song tells the story of Heer Ranjha. Heer is forcibly married to Saida Kana, and Ranjha leaves heartbroken. He walks into a quiet village where he meets a Jogi (ascetic) named Baba Gorakhnath, the founder of the pierced ear sect of Jogis, at Tilla Jogian (the "Hill of Ascetics"). Ranjha voluntarily becomes a Jogi, piercing his ear and reciting the name of the Lord. He travels around Punjab and eventually comes to the village Rangpur Khedi, where he is reunited with Heer. In this song, Kuldeep Manak sings from the perspective of Ranjha, who wants to become a Jogi to hopefully meet his Heer. 

You may listen to the song on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-28rGWKgeqk

Tere Tille Ton Oh, Surat Deendi Ah Heer Di
I can see my Heer's face from your hill 

Oh Lai Vekh Gorakha Udd Di Ay Phulkari

Take a look at her flying phulkari, Gorakh
*(Literally meaning "floral craft," Phulkari is a head scarf.)  

Bhul Patisian Ohdian Gallan Galgal Naar Diyan

Her lips are "Patisa" and her cheeks are like hill lemons.
*("Patisa" is a famous Indian sweet with crispy texture.) 

Toya Thodi De Vich, Na Patli Na Bhaari

A dimple on the chin, Neither fat nor thin

Dono Nain Jatti De Bhare Ne Kaul Sharab De

Both of her eyes are full of booze

Dhaun Surahi, Mangi Mirga Tor Udhaari

Her neck is like a flask, It seems like she has borrowed her gait from a deer

Gori Dhaun Duaale Kaali Gaani Jatti De
There is a black necklace around her white neck

Chandan Geli Nu Jyon Nagaan Kundli Maari

As if it trounces over a "chandan" tree trunk
*(Here the writer compares Heer's necklace with a snake. A "chandan geli" is a special tree trunk which has the quality to attract snakes with its smell and its cooling effect.)

Baithi Trinjna De Vich Oh Charkhe Tand Paondi Aa
Sitting in a group of girls, she puts yarn on her spinning wheel

Vekh Ke Rang Jatti Da, Tauba Karan Lalaari
Painters are surprised seeing her skin color

Gujji Heer Rahe Na, Meri Vich Hazaaran De
My Heer does not remain hidden in thousands  

Dhee Oh Chuchak Di Hai, Hai Sahan Ton Pyari
The Daughter of Chuchak is closest to my heart

Jatti Khatar Aya Chog Lain Nu Tille Ton Main Tere
I've came to your hill for my Heer

Pa De Mundran Kanni, Shoori Pher Ik Vaari
Pierce my ears once

Ja Ke Khedeyan De Pind, Darshan Kariye Heer De
Let's meet my Heer going to Rangpur Khedi
Kahe "Tharike Wala" Ishq Hai Buri Bimari
Says "Tharike Wala" (the writer) that love is bad illness.

Nain Sandli Jatti De Pijh Gaye Ne
Her deep eyes are wet
*("Sandli" means of yellow color, or made of sandalwood. In relation to humans, it means that a person has a deep inner desire for love and companionship.)

Ghar Panditan De Murgay Rijh Gaye Ne
Chicken is being cooked in homes of Pandits (Hindu priests)

Munde Kaajiian De Daru Peen Gijh Gaye Ne
Boys of Qazis are addicted to drinking alcohol
*(A Qazi is a Muslim judge who makes decisions based on the Islamic law. According to Islamic teachings, Muslims are forbidden from consuming alcohol.)

Tag Tutt Geya Saari, Saari Bai Duniya Da
The whole world is falling into chaos.

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