Challa - Gurdas Maan (Full Lyrics with English Translation)

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Remake Credits:
Album: Long Da Lishkara
Track: Challa
Vocals: Gurdas Maan
Music: Charanjit Ahuja
Lyrics: Traditional

Original Credits:
Album: Unknown
Track: Challa
Vocals: Inayat Ali
Music: Unknown
Lyrics: Traditional

Before I start translating, I'd like to give a shoutout in respect to Sohail Abid (founder and creator of and Ahmad Ayaz Baig (+92 333-897 65 66) for the efforts they're making to keep our culture alive. Check out Baig's YouTube channel which features a lot of rare folk songs. A lot to learn about the culture and history of Punjab (both in Pakistan and India).
Ahmad Ayaz Baig:

This song tells the story of Jhalla, sailor who transported passengers and goods across the rivers of Punjab (of India and Pakistan). He was once severely ill, and the medicine Jhalla needed was to be brought from a village on the opposite bank of the river. Jhalla himself was not well enough to maneuver the boat across the river, so his teenage son Challa decided that by the first light he'll go to the village and get the medicine. Challa used to accompany his father during his working hours and knew the basics of sailing/rowing a boat, but since he was a novice and was in a hurry he decided to row straight across the river to the other bank of the river. Practically, one would take into calculation the downstream, and accordingly to start from one point, row halfway the bread of the river upstream and then go with the flow. One could also start from a point much upstream and row down with the flow downstream to the desired location. The flow was too powerful and Challa was not able to navigate to the other shore and supposedly drowned. Meanwhile, Jhalla kept on waiting for his son - till dusk, till next morning, till the day after and so on. The villagers observed this that he had been sitting on this side of the river since last couple of days without moving and approached him. But it was too late by then. Jhalla couldn't bear the loss of his young son and became delusional. He started roaming in streets and became a mystic poet. Legend has it that Jhalla used to hymn these verses in the streets he roamed in. 

You may listen to the original song on YouTube:

You may listen to the remake of this song on YouTube:

Note: I decided to translate the verses of Challa from Gurdas Maan's remake since it's most popular amongst my audience. The remake of Challa has a bit variation since it's a little more romanticized, but the gist of the song is the same. 

Javo Ni Koi Morh Liavo, Ni Mere Naal Geya Ajj Lad Ke
Someone go bring him back, He's left after fighting with me today

Allah Kare Je Aa Jave Sohna Dewan Jaan Qadman Vich Dhar Ke
O Allah, if you bring back my love I'll give my life in his feet

Challa Beri Oye Boor Eh, Ve Watan Mahi Da Door Eh, Ve Jaana Pehle Poor Eh
Challa is the flower (of which fruit is yet to come), The beloved's land is far away I will go there in the first season when fruit will be produced

Ve Gal Sun Challeya Chora, Kahda Laya Eh Jhora
O listen to me Challa, you thief why have you given me this grief and misery.

Challa Khooh Te Dhariye, Ve Gallan Mooh Te Kariye, Ve Sache Raab Ton Dariye
Meet me at the well Challa and we will talk face to face, Be scared of the true Lord
*(This is a verse that the original Challa didn't have, and this verse romanticizes the whole song. Girls didn't have equal status and freedom in the past. Going to well to fetch some water was their outing for the day. This is why the person who is full of grief is asking his beloved to come to the well and meet her).   

Ve Gal Sun Challeya Dhola, Ve Raab Ton Kaada Ee Ohla
O listen to me Challa, my beloved there's nothing to hide from the Lord

Challa Kaaliyan Mirchan, Ve Mauhra Pee Ke Marsaan, Ve Tere Sir Chadsan
Challa is black peppers (in a figurative sense meaning "spirit" or "energy"), I feel like dying by drinking a thornapple, I'll apply the leaves on your head (a common home remedy) 

Ve Gal Sun Challeya Dhola, Ve Saad Ke Kita Ee Kola
O listen to me Challa, my beloved you've burned me like coal

Challa Nau Nau Theve, Ve Puttar Mithde Meve, Ve Allah Sabh Nu Deve
Challa is graced like an ornament, Sons are a sweet gift, May God give sons to everyone

Ve Gal Sun Challeya Kawan, Ve Mawan Thandiyan Chhawan
O listen to me Challa, you crow mothers are cool shades (like a blind/curtain to a window) 

Challa Kann Dian Dandian, Ve Sare Pind Vich Bhandian, Ve Gallan Chaj Pa Chandian
Challa is the earrings to my ears, Defamed me in the whole village, People are spreading rumors and are figuratively taking unwanted details out of context using a winnowing fan
*(Here I feel is another verse that isn't in the original and just serves the purpose to romanticize the song as it was featured in the film "Long Da Lishkara.")

Ve Gal Sun Challeya Dhola, Ve Saad Ke Kita Ee Kola
O listen to me Challa, my beloved you've burned me like coal

Challa Gal Di Ve Gani, Ve Tur Gaye Dilan De Jaani, Ve Meri Dukhan Di Kahani
Challa is the necklace of my neck, The beloved of my heart have left, My story is full of sorrow

Ve Aa Ke Sunja Dhola, Ve Tethon Kahda Ee Ohla
Come and listen to me my beloved, What is their to hide from you

Challa Paya Ee Gehne, Oye Sajan Beli Nahi Rehne, Oye Dukh Jindri Ne Sehne
Challa is collateral, Loved ones aren't going to live forever, Sorrows will come and go

Ve Gal Sun Challeya Dhola, Ve Kaada Pana Ee Raula
O listen to me Challa, my beloved why are you making it a big deal?

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