Udham Singh - Kuldeep Manak (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

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Track: Udham Singh
Vocals: Kuldeep Manak
Music: K S Narula
Lyrics: Pali Detwalia

Udham Singh was an Indian revolutionary who assassinated Michael O'Dwyer, the former lieutenant governor of the Punjab in India, on 13 March 1940 in Caxton Hall, London, England. O'Dwyer had surrounded a peaceful protest at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, Punjab, India and had massacred hundreds of people, including women and children. 

Sun Advair Diyan Gallan Soorme Nu Kende Gussa Aa Geya
The warrior got angry after listening to the words of General O'Dwyer

Sher Wangu Gajeya Babbar Sher Si Bai Goreyan Te Shaa Geya
The lion roared like a wild lion and he made a move on the white men

Sun Lalkara Othe Udham Sion Da Machi Hahakar Si
The whole hall had shaken after hearing Udham Singh's enraging statement

Sher Moohre Pajh Nikli Si Dar Kende Giddhran Di Daarh Si
They say that the flock of sheep had ran out in fear of the lion

Dakeya Na Dak Hove Goreyan Di Saari Fojh Murhe La Layi
He had the whole white army bewildered, they couldn't control him even with many tries

Bucchran Di Toli Jehri Kendi Si Kahaundi Sidhe Raahe Pa Layi
The group of butchers that was well renowned was taught a lesson

Marhiyan De Wangu Os Hall Vich Seegi Kende Chup Shaa Gayi
Peace had taken over in that hall like the hall was a cemetry

Vaaro Vaari Soch De Ne Maran Di Sadi Hun Vaari Aa Gayi
They think to themselves, one by one, that it's our turn to die now

Der Na Lagayi Soorme Ne Kende Kithe Othe Tin Fire Si
He didn't take long, they say that the warrior had shot 3 fires there

Goli Lagi Gehra Khaa Ke Chat Dig Geya Bai Othe Advair Si
Took a bullet and a swirl before falling to the ground was O'Dwyer

Deuga Gawahian Itihaas Jag Te Desh Layi Jo Kargeya
History will always be a witness for anyone that has done something for their country

Apni Jawani Kurbaan Karke Te Naa Ucha Kargeya
He sacrificed his youth years and took his name to great heights

Rehndi Duniya De Tak Sher Diyan Loki Waaran Gaunde Rehnge
People will sing songs in the remembrance of this lion

Shaheedian Diyan Yaadan Vich Ral Mil Kathe Mele Launde Rehnge
They will get together and organize festivals in the remembrance of martyrs

Jallianwale Bagh Da Oh Leke Badla Si Farz Nibha Geya
He avenged the massacre of Jallianwala Bagh and fulfilled his duty

Akhe Detwalia Oh Desh Kaum Layi Oh Jind Lekhe La Geya

Detwalia says that he has given his life away for his community

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