FINAL THOUGHTS - AP Dhillon (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 4:27 PM


Singer - AP DHILLON, Shinda Kahlon

From the EP "Two Hearts Never Break The Same"

Bentley Bentayga SLR Coupe Ni

Desert Eagle Aa Gold Wear

Jo Chale Taan Badal De Roop Ni

Bentley Bentayga SLR Coupe

I got a Desert eagle gold gun

When it runs it changes faces

Saana Je Munde Naal Mere

Jo Chalde Lagde Troop Ni

Hunn Fly Aa Karna Private

Pehlan Fly Si Karde Swoop Ni

The men with me are like bulls

When they walk with me they look like a troop

Used to fly Swoop but now we will fly private

Akh Nu Parkh Aa Sohniya Cheejan Di

Naara Te Ghode Ne Arbi

Las Vegas Ch Wekhna PVR

Kentucky Ch Jitni Derby

Our eyes know what real beauty is

Got Arabic horses and girls

Want to watch PVR in Vegas

Want to win the Derby in Kentucky

Tere Aale Dowale Jo Kanda Te Tangi Ae

Autograph Aa Jerseys

Aise Collection De Mare Aa

Ja Pata Kita Ki Ni Vardi

All around you, hanging on the walls

Are signed jerseys

Want a collection like that so bad

Akhan Ch Paake Gall Kar

Na Akh Rakh Mere Chain Te

Virrleyan Koi Chal Hunda

Na Bas Chalde Saddi Lane Te

Talk to me with eye contact

Don't keep looking at my chain

Rare people can do what we do

Can't run in the lane I'm in

Teen Ghante Di Party

6 Hajar Laya Champagne Te

Dior Di Hoodie Da Nash Marta

Lip Girls Di Strain Ne

For a 3 hour party

Spent 6 thousand on champagne

Ruined a whole Dior hoodie

With lip strain marijuana 

Kameez Payi Bottega

Amiri Di Payi Jean Ni

Jehdi Kal Si Mere Naal

Adhi Gori Adhi Philippine Ni

Wearing a Bottega shirt

Jeans by Amiri

The girl that was with me yesterday

Was half white half Filipino

Loki Kehnde Mehengi

Bina Naage Ton Khande Feem Ni

Feem Picho Chetti Laate

Chahe Laate Jyada Keen Ni

People say that we eat

Without gaps expensive opium

We're keen of drinking 

Chaa lattes after opium

Tera Jinne Da Ae Condo

Mere Gutt Te Bani Butterfly

Thade Te Behke Main Tash Ni Kutti

Par Ohdan Main Kaiyan Di Layi Hasi

Sukh Naal Lag Gi Notan Dihi

Ghat Boleya Aiven Na Jani Tu Vi

My butterfly tattoo on my wrist

Is the same price as of your condo

I didn't play cards in my free time

Talked less and did more hustling

Kamm Te Naalon Na Karidi Ego

Ji Dohan Naa Reejh

Na Jayida Deep

We do more work and less ego

We don't go deep with both of them

Sadi Life Lokan Di Fantasy

Kade Down Ton Kade Hennessy

Paise Ton Hath Main Rakhe Na Tang

Kade Heere Lawan Kade Equities

Our life is the fantasy of the people

Sometimes down sometimes Hennessy

I don't keep my hands tight on money

Sometimes I buy diamonds sometimes equities

Time Aa Changa Chalda Sade

Gutt Te Banneya Time Piece

Sade Naal Rahi Tu Bach Ke

Drip Aa Zehri Fresh Aa Slippery

Our time is going good

Wearing a time piece on my wrist

Be careful while hanging out with me

My drip is poisonous and slippery

Malibu Vich Nobu

Te Nobu De Bahar Ferrari

Ferrari Ch Jana Melrose

Fir Deo Dive Di Waari

Nobu (a restaurant) in Malibu

A Ferrari outside of Nobu

Will head to Melrose on the Ferrari

Then it's turn for dive bars

Deo To Laina Cello

Fir Ghar Di Khicha Tiyari

Ghar Khada Ae Neela Rolls Royce

Jihdi Button Ae Khuldi Baari

Will buy a cello

Then head for home

A blue Rolls Royce stands outside the house

The one where the doors open with a button

Jo Soch Ni Sakde Lok

Aisi Zindagi Layi Bana

Mehengi Gaddi Di Mull Jina De

Millions De Vich Daa

My life has become what people can't even think of

Got expensive cars, worth millions

Ik Zindagi Jeeni Ae Tour Naal

Tahion Kitti Na Koi Parwah

Shaunk Pugaiye Te Paisa Banaiye

Fer Shaunk Te Dayi De La

Will live one life but with style and drip

That's why I care less

I fulfill my hobbies and desires and make lots of money

And then spend more of it on hobbies again

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  1. Hey there!!

    That's Patek Philippe not butterfly.

    Tera Jinne Da Ae Condo

    Mere Gutt Te Bani Patek Philippe.

  2. Millions nahi micknoes a place in Italy