TRUE STORIES - AP Dhillon, Shinda Kahlon (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 9:43 PM

Song - True Stories

Singer - AP Dhillon, Shinda Kahlon


Label - Run Up Records

[AP Dhillon] 

Gall ton pairin e christian dior

You're wearing Christian Dior from neck to foot

Tu senorita, main senor

You're a senorita, I'm a man

Baahan de tattoo te baalan de bangs 

The tattoos on your arms, the bangs of your hair

Jadon hasse tan lage tu Khushi Kapoor

When you laugh you look like Khushi Kapoor

AP te mere jo lagge aa rubies 

The rubies me and AP are wearing

Van Cleef te gutt te Zor

Their Van Cleef and Zor (probably a reference to Zorrado)

Shehar adhe nu jo saun na dindi jeon lagde paayi sone di dor

It won't let half of the city sleep, as I'm wearing a string of gold

[Shinda Kahlon]

Ik nu leh ke main geya hawaii te uche paharan di thandi breeze

I took one [girl] to Hawaii and there was the breeze of high mountains

Rio de vich si Cici nu milan Dubai ch ja ke si mili Denise

Went to Rio to meet Cici, I met Denise while at Dubai

Lal Ferrari te kaali Bugatti gaddian kaahdian sire de piece

Had a red Ferrari and a black Bugatti, they aren't just cars, they're one of a kind piece

Langhdi duniya dekh di munde sohne kinne ne chere ne hunde freeze

The world passes by and sees how beautiful these boys are, their faces freeze in place

Gall ton pairin....

[AP Dhillon]

Kadde UK kadde Dubai, hun meri zindagi same na rehi

Sometimes in UK, sometimes in Dubai, now my life isn't the same anymore

Meri tan jaan vi meri na guzre gall na kare te gall na payi

My own soul and being doesn't walk by me, talk to me, or lash out at me

Hun main kihnu kihnu samjhavan, kihnu main ki bharosa dhivaavan

Now who do I explain myself, who do I give what kind of reassurance 

Wakh ne thaavan te wakh ne time zone tenu face time kadon laavan

The places are different, time zones are different, how do I even face time you now

[Shinda Kahlon]

Duniya kol auna chaundi rakhiye distance asi banaa

The world want to come closer but we keep our distance

Pehlon photoan aap khicha ke baad chon gallan dindian uddaa

They first take pictures [with us] themselves, and then start spreading lies

Kamra hunda occupied phone silent te leyi da laa

The room stays occupied, so we keep our phone on silent

Te kayian nu bhejeya vaapis hotel ton lobby ch wait karaa

And we've made many return back from the hotel, after making them wait in the lobby

Kadde UK kadde Dubai....

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