Kehar Singh Di Maut - Surinder Shinda (Full Lyrics with English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 5:46 PM

Album: Ucha Burj Lahore Da
Track: Kehar Singh Di Maut
Vocals: Surinder Shinda
Music: Charanjit Ahuja and Ram Saran Das
Lyrics: Hardev Dilgir (Dev Tharikewala)

This song tells the story of Kehar Singh, a Jatt from the village Kasur, Lahore (in modern day Pakistan). This story is set in the time when the practice of Muklawa was common in Punjab. Two families would make a social agreement in which children were married in their childhood. The two families rarely made direct contact. The local barber of each village would be the communicating agent between the two families. The bride, however, would stay back with her natal family until she would attain the age of puberty and becomes capable of managing household affairs. The bride officially live with her husband after the Muklawa ceremony, but that doesn't happen in the case of Kehar Singh. His shrewd  mother-in-law simply refused to let Ram Kaur go on the grounds that Kehar Singh was too poor to support a wife. She demanded for 500 Indian rupees, which was a lot at that time and Kehar Singh did not have this much money at the time. As a self-respecting person, he could not bear such misgiving - he went straight to Ferozepur, Punjab (in modern day India) and got recruited into the army. After a few years of military service, he returned to proudly display his hard earned wealth. But the mother-in-law had other plans for him. She persuaded her sons to intoxicate Kehar Singh with liquor and cut his throat after he falls asleep. He was killed for the 70 tola of gold ["tola" is an Indian measurement which is directly proportional to weight, one tola equals about 11.66 grams] he carried. Ram Kaur raises alarm the very next day and rouses the whole village. The police arrived and the whole family was arrested. 

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Lalach Vasde Mehal Ujaare, Lalach Dharam Gua-ave
Greed settles and destroys a mansion

Bhaiyan Kolon Bhai Apna Lalach Katal Karave
Greed makes a brother kill his own brother.

Ludhiane Jile Di Sunava Waarta, Jithe Ek Sas Ne Jawai Maar Ta
The story I'm singing is of district Ludhiana, where a mother-in-law kills her own son-in-law 

Kehar Singh Pati Jatti Ram Kaur Da, Wadh Ta Gandase Naal Gal Bhaur Da
Kehar Singh, husband of Ram Kaur (Jatt caste), Beheads the poor guy with an axe.

Pehli Waar Lain Geya Ram Kaur Nu, Gaalan Kadh Sas Mor Dita Bhaur Nu
This was the first time he went to get Ram Kaur (his wife), the mother-in-law curses at him and kicks him out

Toom Ta Firaja Tera Manda Haal Ki, Dobti Magar Tere Laa Ke Balki.
Give me some jewelry, why is your [financial] state so weak? I've ruined her (Ram Kaur) life by engaging her to you.

Goli Wangu Cine Khoobe Bol Sas De, Tur Geya Kehar Singh Loki Hasde
Her words hit his heart like bullets, Kehar Singh walks away and spectators stand laughing at him

Maandle Di Shouni Jaa ke Hoya Bharti, Paisa Tan Kamaun Wali Hadd Karti
He joins the army (historically at District Ferozepur, Punjab, India). He breaks all records of making money. 

Chhooti Lai Ke Saal Pichhon Souri Aa Geya, Tooman Vekh Sas Nu Lalach Kha Geya
He takes a leave and returns to his in-laws after a year. The mother-in-law gets consumed by greed after seeing the jewelry. 

Panj Che Hazaar Dekh Nigaa Phul Gayi, Sas Tan Jawai Wala Nata Bhul Gayi
Her eyes open wide, in amazement, seeing 5-6 thousand rupees. She forgets her relationship with her son-in-law. 

Puttan Nu Sikhave Paa Ke Val-ving Nu, Sute Nu Wadhata Ohne Kehar Singh Nu
She teaches her sons with twisted words. She gets him killed as Kehar Singh was asleep.  

Ram Kaur Kare Mintah Batherian, Dardi Na Buri Deve Hala-sherian
Ram Kaur pleads for mercy. But the woman (the mother-in-law) gives her confidence and support.

Lokan Kole Raula Ram Kaur Paya Si, Dooje Din Pind Vich Thana Aya Si
Ram Kaur pleads to everyone in the village. The police came to the village the next day.  

Thanedaar Aundian Buri Nu Taa Leya, Tibbeyan De Vichon Laash Nu Kadda Leya
The cop came and arrested the woman and took his (Kehar Singh) body out of sand dunes.  
Sas Ton Jawai Marvata Paise, Buri Tayeen Qaid Karvata Paise Na
Money made a mother-in-law kill his son-in-law, money drawed her to jail.

Mann-da "Tharike Wala" Rabbi Bhane Nu, Banneya Tabar Saara Jave Thaane Nu
Tharike Wala (the writer) believes in God's will - Now the whole family is proceeded to the police station.  

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