Kehar Singh Di Maut - Kuldip Manak (Full Lyrics with English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 11:21 PM

Album: Punjab Dian Lok Gathavan (Ishq Tandoor Hadaan Da Balan) - Vol 2
Track: Kehar Singh Di Maut
Vocals: Kuldip Manak
Music: Ved Sethi
Lyrics: Hardev Dilgir (Dev Tharikewala)

This song tells the story of Kehar Singh, a Jatt from the village Kasur, Lahore (in modern day Pakistan). This story is set in the time when the practice of Muklawa was common in Punjab. Two families would make a social agreement in which children were married in their childhood. The two families rarely made direct contact. The local barber of each village would be the communicating agent between the two families. The bride, however, would stay back with her natal family until she would attain the age of puberty and becomes capable of managing household affairs. The bride officially live with her husband after the Muklawa ceremony, but that doesn't happen in the case of Kehar Singh. His shrewd  mother-in-law simply refused to let Ram Kaur go on the grounds that Kehar Singh was too poor to support a wife. She demanded for 500 Indian rupees, which was a lot at that time and Kehar Singh did not have this much money at the time. As a self-respecting person, he could not bear such misgiving - he went straight to Ferozepur, Punjab (in modern day India) and got recruited into the army. After a few years of military service, he returned to proudly display his hard earned wealth. But the mother-in-law had other plans for him. She persuaded her sons to intoxicate Kehar Singh with liquor and cut his throat after he falls asleep. He was killed for the 70 tola of gold ["tola" is an Indian measurement which is directly proportional to weight, one tola equals about 11.66 grams] he carried. Ram Kaur raises alarm the very next day and rouses the whole village. The police arrived and the whole family was arrested. 

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Sas Nu Kehar Singh Samjhave, Pairi Hath Buri De Laave

Kehar Singh explains his mother-in-law, He bows his head to the woman

Sada Kamm Vigarda Jaave, Suni Kar Gaur Nu
Our [financial] state is weak, Listen to this carefully

Tor De Amri Meri Ram Kaur Nu
Let go of my Ram Kaur

Aggon Sas Jawaab Sunave, Meri Ram Kaur Na Jaave
The mother-in-law responds back, My Ram Kaur won't be going anywhere

Pairi Juthi Mool Na Paave, Akhan Kade Nanki
She won't put her shoes on at any cost, She stares her eyes out at the maternal side

Dobti Maggar Tere Laa Ke Baalki
I have ruined her [Ram Kaur's] life by engaging her to you

Si Main Maggar Malanga Layi, Na Koi Toom Chaj Di Payi
I was after some deviants, I haven't worn any special jewelry

Karda Sifat Ohdon Si Nayi, Foki Kade Taur Nu
The barber was praising you at that time, Showing off your fake status

Panj Sou Gana Ke Le Ja Ram Kaur Nu
Count it off to 500 and take your Ram Kaur

Boli Jadon Sas Ne Maari, Phir Gayi Kehar Singh Te Aari
When the mother-in-law taunts him, a saw goes through Kehar Singh
Bann Ke Bistar Kari Tiyaari, Ohne Katta Karti
He ties his bedsheets and gets ready to leave, He did something surprising
Hogaya Ferozepur Ja Ke Bharti
He gets recruited at Ferozepur
Aa Geya Paise Jatt Kama Ke, Poore Panj Hazaar Bacha Ke
The Jatt [Kehar Singh] returns after earning some money, Saving a total of 5000 
Tooman Gehne Suit Banake, Sohri Pairi Pa Geya 
With some jewelry and Indian dresses, He presents them to the feet of his in-laws
Ram Kaur Jatti Nu Si Lain Aa Geya
He comes to get Jatti Ram Kaur
Paise Dekh Jawai Kole, Naale Sona Sattar Tole
Seeing the money with her son-in-law, And the 70 tola of gold
Raatin Buri Gandasa Dole, Daag Lata Sas Ne
The woman searches for the axe at night, The mother-in-law stains the relationship
Puttan Ton Jawai Nu Wadhata Sas Ne
A mother-in-law compelled her sons to kill her own son-in-law
Raula Ram Kaur Ne Paya, Mera Kehar Singh Marvaya
Ram Kaur makes noise, My Kehar Singh has been killed
Aake Police Buri Nu Dhaya, Loko Ki Khateya
The police comes and confront the woman, What did they get out of this people?
Lobh Ne Tharikewale Ghar Patteya
O Tharikewala [writer of this song], greed has ruined a house
Lobh Ne Jalalwale Ghar Patteya
O Jalalwale [Jalal is the village of Kuldip Manak], greed has ruined a house

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