Scorpio - Geeta Zaildar, Sultaan (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

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Scorpio - Geeta Zaildar, Sultaan (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song Name: Scorpio

Singer: Geeta Zaildar, Sultaan

Composer: Jassi X

Lyrics by: Kabal Saroopwali

20-25 pellia sire ta takk ni, Ikko booth pind ch lavaunda jatt ni

I have 20-25 plots of land that are the greatest, He only allows one voting booth in his village

Judge vi viah te saddi de phone te, Wakh card bhejeya naa aaj takk ni

He even invites a judge to his wedding over the phone, never sends a special card to anyone

Hande bande ae tabahi billo jatt aa jinna di toli naal rehandi aa

Experienced men, they're like hurricanes, the group that hangs around me

Kothi chitti aa, scorpio kaali aa te akh sadi lal rehandi aa

The house is white, my Scorpio (a SUV by Mahindra) is black, and our eyes stay red all the time

Sade velliyan da tola baada chakma te saare painde udd udd ni

Our group of gangsters is tip-top, and everyone stays away from us

Baaki gabhru di backbone baapu aa kamm sara all good ni

My father is my backbone, everything is all good

Worry kari ni futurean di chardi kala ni filhaal rehndi aa

Never worried about the future, for now we're optimistic

(rap by Sultaan)

Robh soreya de pind jeon jawai rakhda, Taur nal kalje machai rakhda

Like the attitude a son-in-law keeps in his in-law's village, he burns chests with his swag

Kari vairia de shehar ch tabahi rakhda, Pakki chamber de wich mai chadai rakhda

Keeps doing destruction in the enemies' city, keeps a bullet in the chamber at all times

Akhan meriya nu lal latu ae banaya, Bikaner da ni maal afgaan ton aa aya

My eyes are made red as if they're red lights, by these substances that aren't from Bikaner (city in Rajasthan, India) it's from Afghanistan (reference to opium)

Phire sikhra te taavi kade maan naa kare Dukki tikki vangu sultaan naa kare

Roams at the top but still doesn't get prideful, Sultaan doesn't do what cheap people do

Gaane geete garry gippy naal banai firda, Dekh kithe tera yaar haath pai firda

He's making songs with Geeta, Garry Sandhu and Gippy Grewal, take a look at how hard your friend is working 

Hun samaah saadi bhaarda gavah firda, Char char asle license te chadai firda

Now time is witness to us, I have four weapons on one license

(verse by Geeta Zaildar)

Chitta kurta pajama pava shauk naal Jattan da putt fabbe allarhe

I wear a white kurta pajama for fun, I look good in it

Sandd mehnge woodan utte watt aa te dabb nal lagge allde

My weapons are expensive, with wooden cases, and they hang on the compartment

Dilon kore aa gal billo vakhri Bullan ta bhaave gaal rehndi aa

Our hearts are clear, our style is different, who cares if curse words stay on our lips most of the time

Baaki rahida kise na kise mar te Te sukh naal shikar te billo

We stay on some business or on some hunt girl

Bohti khushi ni manai kade jitt ke Roye naa kadde haar te billo

Never celebrated too many of our successes, never cried too much over failures

Tayion kabal saroopwali wale di Ni feeling kamaal rehandi aa

That's why Kabal Saroopwali stays feeling awesome

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