California Love - Cheema Y, Gur Sidhu ( Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 6:25 PM

California Love - Cheema Y, Gur Sidhu ( Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - California Love

Song performed by Cheema Y and Gur Sidhu

This is an upbeat and a dance type track performed and written by Cheema Y, who is pretty fresh in the Punjabi music scene. In this song, he talks about his lifestyle in California. Out of most releases in 2023, this song is one of the most catchiest songs of the year. Gur Sidhu did the music for this one and he nailed his feature, as well. 

Sheeshe Down Karwaundiyan Ne

Hass Hass Aundiyan

Te Puchhan Swag Vich Kivein Aa

[Girls] make us put our car windows us

Walk up to us feeling giddy and all smiles

Ask us in swag how we are doing

Label’an Chon Label

Blue Sohniye Ni

Jadon Peene Aa

Te Paani Wangu Peene Aa

Among the labels

We got label blue girl

When we drink 

We drink like it's water

40 Killeyan Di Kheti

Addhi Theke Utte Ditti

Munde Sohniye Punjab De Hi Jaaye Ne

Got 40 acres of farm land

Half is given out on lease

We're boys from Punjab alright


Loki Taan Mangaunde

Afghan Ton Afeem

Assi Boote California Laye Ne

People get their opium from Afghanistan

We cultivate our plants in California

Othe Uggan Ge Beej Billo Opy De Kudey Ni

Yuba City Nale Keele Nu Kanaal Lageya

There will the seeds of opium grow

Got a canal running through Yuba City (city in California)

Kidaan Call Das Karaan Teri Pick Main Rakane

Meri Ungal De Utte Kala Maal Lageya

How can I answer your call girl

I got black opium substance on my fingers

Ghode-Ghoode Hun Aye Dabban Wich

Pehlan Dowen Hathan Nal Hi Datar Chalaye Ne

Weapons come in our compartments nowadays

We first use our both hands to use blades (datar is an farm tool that has a steel blade with a wooden handle)


Ho 6-6 Futte Jatt Dinde Kise Nu Na F__K

Top Chhevan Utte Rakhde Aa Akh Ni

Jatt standing 6 feet tall, don't give a damn about anyone

Keep our eyes glued on the top 6 girl

Circle Chhota Kam Kaar Bada Mota

Third Party Naal Mildi Na Mat Ni

Social circle is small, business is huge

Our mindset doesn't mix with a  third party

American Dollar Kamayi Jane Aan

Khulla Kharchan Soniye Dubai Jane Aan

We earn American dollars, go to Dubai to spend it like a king girl

Shad Dena Dhanda Billo Kahi Jane Aan

Har Nawe Saal Nawi Gaddi Layi Jane Aan

Say it every year that we'll quit the business, but we keep buying a new car every year

Book Hummer Karayi Jedi Thaalugi Tabahi

Paise Sajjre Truck Utte Laye Ne

Booked a brand new Hummer that will stir up a storm

Spent cash on a new truck too


Oh Mullanpur Dakha To Dorahe Soniye

From Mullanpur Dakha ton Doraha (villages in Punjab, India) girl

Ni Khanne Karde Aa Yaar Wait Chir Di Badi

Many of my friend are also waiting in Khanna (city in Punjab) from a long while

Ikko Gal Bar Bar Jane O Kari

Veere Jhanjran Ton Utte Vi Aa Duniya Badi

You keep talking about one thing over and over, Bro there's more to this world than anklets 

Oh Nagni De Bann’de Ne Dealer Kude

Ni Kudi-Yave’an Ne Chemical Paye Ne

They act like big dealers of opium

Mix chemicals themselves [in their supply] girl


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