WITH YOU - AP Dhillon (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 12:28 AM

WITH YOU - AP Dhillon (Lyrics w/ English Translation)



Music by Rebbel

Penned by Shinda Kahlon

HOOK: Terian Adavaan

Your style…

Terian Adavaan Munda Maar Sutteya

Your elegant style have flattened me.

Tu Kahda Dil Lutteya, Tu Mainu Chhadeya Na Kakh Da

By stealing my heart, you have left me with nothing.

Pehla Si Tu Pyaar, Pehle Pyaar Di Pehli Kahaani

It was my first love, and this is my first love tale.

Badlan Vi Kinj Hun, Chahke Vee Na Badli Jaani

I couldn’t alter it even if I wanted to.

Mann Vich Main Si Raja, Tu Kiyon Na Meri Bani E Raani

I saw myself as your king, so why didn’t you become my queen?

Khushian Da Main Socheya, Akhan Vich Kiyon De Gayi Pani

I had always imagined myself happy with you, so why did you make me cry?

[Hook Line]

Ik Duje De Kol Kaliyan Raatan Chan Te Taare

Stars and nights now accompany us both separately.

Pehlan Si Ji Vaade Hun Ne Sabb Mainu Lagde Laare

What used to seem like promises to me are now excuses and deceptions.

Ajj Hi Ghum Naal Yaari Pa La, Vagde Nahiyo Hanju Khare

My heart encourages me to befriend sorrows starting today since my eyes are still welling up with tears.

Fass Gaye Ishq De Gede Vich Kahton Na Hun Labhan Sahaare

I’m locked in a love game, and why can’t I locate any help?

[Hook Line]

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