Lalkaara - Diljit Dosanjh and Sultaan (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 4:54 PM

Kinni Kinni - Diljit Dosanjh (Lyrics w/ English Translation) 

Song - Lalkaara

Singer - Diljit Dosanjh

Featuring rap by Sultaan

Taken from album "Ghost" (2023)

Music by Intense, Lyrics by Raj Ranjodh

Saheli poori lean mile rajj ke shokeen mile

Bhave thodi mean mile fir kam set aa

Have a lean girlfriend who is very beautiful, even if she's a little mean then everything is set

Landi ek jeep kali hove ne speed 40

Beat Intense wali fer kam set ah

Should have a Jeep with a removable top, cruising at speed 40, with Intense's beat on, then everything is set


Adhiye nu dabb chon kaddeya

Thekyo le khara ni

Jeep di hood ton jatt ne, mareya lalkaara ni

Jeep di hood ton jatt ne

Took out booze from the compartment

Bought it from the shop

From the hood of the Jeep

The jatt yells out a challenge [to his enemies]

Gal sun

Mithe mithe gaane na suna

Chakmi beat laade vairi nu bula

Hey listen, don't play some soft and sweet songs, play something hard and call my opps over

Naal aa naal aa ni jatt de bhra

Karde, karde ni dauleyan di chhaan

With me, with me are my brothers, who give me shade with their muscles


Ho khadja ja ni khadja jatt de, moohro na langhi ni

Kach warga lakk tadak ju gabru aa jangi ni

Wait up, girl wait up, don't walk in front of the jatt

Hips might break like glass, this guy is a fighter

Ho jakhad aa aunda munda karle tu vaara ni

This guy is coming like a storm, better hide now

Jeep di hood to jatt ne, maareya lalkaara ni

Jeep di hood to jatt ne

From the hood of the Jeep

The jatt yells out a challenge [to his enemies]

Zor, zor, zor daula muscle pure

Aiven kari na koi chaud ke dimaag set ni

Strength, strength, strength these muscles are pure

Kepe your brain check, don't act too tough

Mar jega kar tu vibe check ve

Vaja lafda te kann karu sa, sa, sa

You'll die trying to check my vibe

Hit you once on your ear and your ears will be popping

Pind ch khadak sunu thha, thha, thha

Firings will echo in the village all over

Fer jodega tu hath, lattan chak javega

100 meter ni bhajna te thak javega

Then you'll join your hands, begging for forgiveness, your legs will let go

Won't even be able to run for 100 meters and your legs will give up


Addi ah bs yaar tere di, madasa kas leya ni

Sochi na thanda pai geya, thoda je hass leya ni

Your guy is stubborn, I am prepared

Don't think I've cooled down just because I'm laughing a little now

Kehnde Dosanjha wala, jihde ghar vass leya ni

Geet teri tor ne sutteya Raj ne chakleya ni

They say wherever Dosanjh goes

Your gait dropped a song and Raj grabbed it

Yaar ni charju sir nu, charda jiven paara ni

This guy will grab your head, like a hangover does

Jeep di hood ton jatt ne, maareya lalkara ni

Jeep di hood ton jatt ne

From the hood of the Jeep

The jatt yells out a challenge [to his enemies]

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