Watch Out - Sidhu Moose Wala (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 1:10 AM

Watch Out - Sidhu Moose Wala (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - Watch Out

Singer + Lyrics - Sidhu Moose Wala

Music by Mxrci

Aaha section 12 sadde naal

Handiyan vartiyan ne

Sadde modde chakkiyan raflaan

Ya bas arthiyan ne

Section 12 charges know us really well (Sidhu refers to Section 12 of the Arms Act, which prohibits transporting ammo - Sidhu was charged with Section 12 in 2020)

Our shoulders have tolerated the weights of guns and dead bodies (Arthi  is a body that is prepared and ready for cremation ceremony)

Sadde layi taan badle

Hunde waang Tiharan de

Jinna chir ni hunde

Poore ghar koyi wadh’da nai

For us, revenge is like Tihar (a jail in India)

No one returns back [to home] until it's complete


Hoke takde reho elaan ae

Mera vairiyan nu

Thonu jyon ni dinda

Jinna chir main marda ni

This is my statement to my enemies: stay strong

I won't let you guys live until I die

Je thodde hathe aa gaya

Taan mainu baksheyo na

Je mere hathe aa gaye

Taan main chhad’da ni

Don't show mercy to me if you have the opportunity [to kill me]

Because I won't either if I have the chance [to kill you guys]

Main suneya thodde kol vi

Bande bahut zamane ne

Sadde kol vi 30 korean made

Zigane ne

I heard that you guys [shooters]  have men out of this world

We also have 30 caliber Korean-made Ziganas

Je ho gaye taakre

Siddhiyan mathe nu aun giyan

Je hoya darauna

Neffe chon main kadh’da nai

If an altercation occurs

Bullets will fly directly towards the forehead

If I mean to scare you guys off

I won't even take [my weapon] out of the compartment


Paa ke poster jaana

Reho na aiven udeekan te

Har charde mahine miluga

Court tareekan te

Kiddos, don't post posters [on social media] and be waiting [for my reply or move]

Every month you'll easily find me in courts attending court dates and hearings

Jithe chit kita othe aa ke 

Jad vi takkar leyo

Kithe jaana auna kise kolon

Koi parhda nahi

Whenever you feel like and wherever

Feel free to confront me

Where I hang out and who I hang out with is not a secret


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