Boo Thang - Varinder Brar (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 5:01 PM

Boo Thang - Varinder Brar (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - Boo Thang

Singers - Varinder Brar, Jyotica Tangri

Music - Gill Saab

Meri Gal Sun Ve Jatta, Kahton Sooli Tangda Ve,

Jivein Beyonce Jeri Rakhi Firdae,

Mainu Kyun Na Rakhda Ve

Hey boy listen to me, why do you make me suffer

You keep this thing with you like it's Beyonce, why don't you keep me with you too

Suhe Ve Cheere Waleya Main Keni A

Le A Fancy Car Main Naal Tere Beni A

Ik Chak Li Hennessey Naal Tere Beni A

Hey boy with a turban, hear me out

Bring a fancy car, I'll sit with you

Grab a Hennessey, I'll sit with you


Ho Kudiyan Ton Vadh Bilo Vairiyan Nu Chaune A

Jyada Hi Ae Fatt Kehde Andar Vi Laone A

Kabootar Vi Rakhe Tote Lokan De Udaunde A

Mike Amiri Kade Ferragamo Paune A

We love our enemies more than girls, we inflict more pain on the insides of their bodies

We got pet birds and also make people lose consciousness, sometimes we wear Mike, Amiri or Ferragamo

Oh Cup-An Vich Whisky Te Quarter Jahe Tasle,

Vadhgi Chadhayi Lohe Lak Nal Kas’le,

Ap Ghat Bolde Te Raule Paun Masle,

Tan Mere Nal Yar Hunde Yaran Nal Asle

Got whiskey in cups, compartments are like quarter rooms

Got more famous so we're now carrying ammo on our hip

We talk less but our issues talk more, with me are my friends and with them is ammo

Jina Tera Kardi A Main Ona Kahton Karda Ni,

Jivein Vairi Gutt Ton Fadda Ae,

Ban Meri Kyun Fad’da Ni, Ban Meri Kyun Fad’da Ni

Why don't you care about me as much as I do for you

Why don't you grab me from my arm like you grab your enemies from the wrist


Zindagi Te Phone Te Dnd Mode Laya Ae,

Kayian Nu Tan Number Vi Pauncho Bahar Aya Ae,

Ho Jidan Da Jatt Life Soniye Ni Gaya Ae,

Bagan Vich Raund Te Rakhi Nal Maya Ae

I got my phone and life on do-not-disturb mode

Many got calls [from me] on unreachable numbers

Since the day I sang Jatt Life girl

Got ammo in bags and a lot of money too

Tere Nal Bhavein Karan Ghat Conversation A

Oh Dil Vich Already Teri Ni Location A

Roz Lagge Mehfil Te Roz Hi Occasion A

Lifestyle Jivein Chal Ri Vacation A

Even though I have less conversations with you

I already have a location for you in my heart

Every day there's a gathering and an occasion

My lifestyle is like an ongoing vacation

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  1. Hi, your lyrics translation are the most accurate that I have ever come across, please translate 26blvd by prem dhillon. i am having trouble in understanding 1-2 lines in it