Note - Dilpreet Dhillon (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 1:40 PM

Note - Dilpreet Dhillon (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - Note

Singer - Dilpreet Dhillon

Lyrics by Mandeep Maavi

Music by Desi Crew

Koke Suneyarean Ton Farh Jinne Marzi

Lehngeyan Te Shishe Billo Jarh Jinne Marzi

Grab how many ever nosepins you want from the jeweler

Decorate your suits and gowns how ever you wish

Tu Dupatte Jinne Marzi Ranga Jattiye

Color how many ever scarfs you like girl

Hook Line:

Ni Note Tere Ton Naa Change

This cash isn't better than you

Ho Jinna Dil Karda Udda Jattiye

Spend it how ever you like girl

Ho Light Light Suit Billo Tere Utte Uthde Ni, Tere Utte Uthde

Your light-colored suits glow bright on you, bright on you

Ho Geda Kahda Laagi Sab Tere Baare Puchde Ni, Tere Baare Puchde

You danced on the dancefloor and now everyone is asking about you

Ho Rubicon Kali Di Tu Laahi Firey Chatt Nu, Pehli Waar Jachi Aa Koi Sonh Lagge Jatt Nu

You have roof removed of your black Rubicon, for the first time this Jatt finds someone attractive

Ho Gaddi Dhillon’an De Munde Kol Khada Jattiye

Park your car next to the son of Dhillons, girl


Ho Sadi Sardari Billo Dasde Aa Takk Ni, Ho Dasde Aa Takk Ni

Our land and property tells a lot of our honor and dignity 

Ho Dayi De Muchhan Nu Jehre Karhi Murhi Vatt Ni, Ho Karhi Murhi Vatt Ni

There's a reason why we keep our mustaches curled up

Mandeep Maavi Hilda Ni Kharke Jubaan Ton

Tera Control Aa Ni Gabru Di Jaan Te

Mandeep Maavi does not back away from his words

You have control over this guy's tongue 

Ho Sign Jithe Krne Aa Tu Kra Jattiye

Make him sign wherever you want him to girl


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