Cheques - Shubh (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

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Cheques - Shubh (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - Cheques

Singer - Shubh

Lyrics - Shubh

Je Koi Shaq Ni Kar Check Ni

Biba Jatt Di Aa Challe Sardari

Lagge Jeck Ni Wadde Cheque Ni

Utte Aale Naal Laayi Betha Yaari

You may double-check it if you have doubts.

My authority is effective everywhere.

I did not get to the top because of a recommendation.

I receive huge cheques as if I’m friends with God.

Rakhi Akh Ni Vairi Kakh Ni

Game Ghumdi Aa Bethe Phone Chak Ni

Piche Jagg Ni Laayi Lagg Ni

Laggi Kaiyan De Utte Tak Agg Ni

When I glance at the enemy, they have vanished.

They hold their phones while the game progresses.

The whole world is behind me; I am not easily persuaded by others.

Many people are envious of me.

Haan Kauda Lagda Subah

Puchi Jara Jaake Naam Challe Than Than

Jatt Tan Pehli Malli Betha Than

Agge Kadde Aa Bhulekhe Kayi Wari Kayi Wari

My nature is impolite.

You may inquire around; my name has a lot of clouts.

I’ve already taken up all of the available positions.

I have clarified many people’s misunderstandings.


Jussa Maarda Ae Thathan Gabhru Jawan Da

Tooti Boldi Ae Jagg Te Zamana Jaan Da

Sada Rutba Hi Dekh Vairi Sina Sarhda

Baba Bina Hi Talawan Janda Guddi Chaad Da

My personality is self-evident.

People are fully aware of my authority.

As a result of my popularity, my foes have been reduced to ashes.

God has been kind to me.

Tu Na Jaandi Karobar Ni

Jaali Number Plate Laggi Car Di

Sare Yaar Ni Bethe Bahar Ni

Kadde Jaan Ni Jo Lagga Dabb Naal Ni

You don’t know anything about my business.

My license plate is a forgery.

All of my pals work from other countries.

The one I wear around my waist is lethal.

Haan Face Utte Aa Glow

Puchi Na Tkaane Sare Rehnde Aa Ni Low

1k Do Copy Karde Flow

Thande Karte Aa Billo Kahdi Kiti Kalakari

My face is glowing.

Don’t bother asking about my accommodation; we all want to keep things low-key.

A few people have attempted to imitate my rap flow.

I’ve already taught them a lesson.


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