Safety Off - Shubh (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 4:39 PM

 King Shit - Shubh (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - Safety Off

Singer/Lyrics - Shubh

Produced by Waitaminute

From the EP "Leo"


Gunna chaar te bande do ne

Baithe yaar, na koi hor ne

Doongi maar, kanna nu phone ne

Piche car de rakhiya barah bor ne, bor ne

4 guns, 2 men

Friends sitting with me, not no one else

Deep wounds we inflict, phones on our ears

Got 12 caliber weapons in the trunk

Kaali ji dooron disdi tedi pagg ni (Pagg ni)

Eh ni marde je maare rabb ni (Rabb ni)

Bande chunwe rakha bagh ni (Burrh)

Yaar jat de rakaane chibb kadd ni

You can see from far my black turban

They don't die unless God does

Hang with few selected people, not a huge group

My friends are all top tier girl

Dssa je zehri torr ni te chhe foot da (Foot da)

Koi tod ni jattan de put da

Kra chaud ni, bulle lutda (Lutda)

Billboard te aye mahina bukkda rakaane

Poisonous is my groove, 6 feet tall

No competition of this Jatt out there

Not boasting about myself, I'm enjoying myself

I make noise on the Billboard every new month girl

Solo chalde jatt mat ni

Jande thallde bhanne lakk ni

Shalaru kal dе kauli chat ni (Saale)

Bollywood di dhaun te rakhi lat ni, lat ni

My way of thought is Jatt style [straightforward], I run solo

I cool people down, break their hips [in desparation]

These boys of yesterday, kiss up too much

I got my leg on Bollywood' neck

Wadde jigrе thalle jagg ni (Jagg ni)

Bhare jorr naa seene gajj ni (Gajj ni)

Kithe bhullde yaad aj vi (Saare)

Maade time te gye si jehde bhajj ni

Big courage, the world is beneath me

Chest is loaded with strength

How can we forget, still remember it today

Those who ran off in my struggle time

Saare de saare dogle main dawa shit ni

Saadi haar vi oh lagge jit ni (Lagdi aa)

Downfall vi te challe hit ni

Firre bukkda Punjab laake pith ni, pith ni

All of these are two-faced, don't give a shit about them

Even our loses look like wins now

I run hits even in a downfall

Punjab is roaring, got them in a chokehold


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