Hood Anthem - Shubh (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

By Sounds of Punjab - 4:12 PM

Hood Anthem - Shubh (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - Hood Anthem
Singer and Lyrics - SHUBH
Album - Leo (EP) (2024)


Kaale kamm, kaale saade baane
Disde kacheriya te thaane
Puchdi tu firrdi tikaane
Kithe tak link billo
Oh na tu jaane ni
Our business is black, clothing black
You'll see us in courts and police stations
You're asking for my whereabouts
How far my links are, you have no clue girl

Biba asi khund aa purane
Mannde nyaane ki syaane
Khabran ch gallan saade baare
Haan change maade kinne
Oh na tu jaane ni
Lady, we are old pillars [OGs]
Old and young look up to us
Newspapers are full of our talk
How good or bad we are, you have no clue


Ghumde Toronto kade LA
Bande saari duniya ch faile 
Saade naal bhid de jo thaile
Oh biba att naam dooja asi pеhle
We roam Toronto, sometimes LA
Our men are spread all over the world
These losers who try to mess with us
Lady, we are the greatest, they're second we're first

Duniya te shapaa jande shad dе 
Sarhde sale aa trakki kithe jarrde
Darde marde scheema rehnde gharhde
Hoonj ke rakh te aa rahan ch si arhde
We're leaving our mark on the world
Those jealous of us, can't tolerate our success
Scared to death, keep scheming against us
We've swept them away who used to stand in our way

Kehnde kutti choran naal rallgi
Baithi industry vi akhan firre malldi
Disdi aa agg jandi balldi
Pachdi aa saukhi kithe daal sadi gallgi
They say that the game is rigged
The industry is barely waking up from deep sleep
Seeing the fire that is being lit
Hard to comprehend the food we are preparing

Gallan sade baare hi ae kardi
Kardi searchan tu biodate parhdi
Gall ta ds ni tu maasa vi na darrdi
Ki aa irade tere emailan kardi
You're always talking about us
Searching for my biography and reading up on me
You're not even scared to admit it to me
What's your purpose behind this, behind emailing me

Biba sade badle vichaar ae
Labhla labhda je hor koi shikaar ae 
Munda teri pahunch ton bahr ae
Ikko ae pyar tainu pta kali car ae
Lady, our thoughts have changed
Find some other target for your hunt
This guy is far out of your reach
I have only one car, you know my black car

Manni baithe rabb de bhaane
Paise nhio bande aa kaamane
Aje hor charche kraane
Arhi aa jatt di vi kyo na tu jaane ni
We have agreed to God's will
Don't want to earn money, want to earn people
Still got to make more hype
This is my stubbornness, you have no clue of


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