Sunshine - Amrit Maan (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

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Sunshine - Amrit Maan (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - Sunshine

Singer - Amrit Maan

Lyrics - Amrit Maan

Music - Avvy Sra

Kehdi kehdi cheez di tareef karan main

Tusi sirre aala combo oh janaab ji

Where do I start with praises about you

You are the best combo, my good sir

One in million lagde oh mainu tusi

Sara piche laa leya punjab ji

You are one in a million for me, you've won all of Punjab

Gallan hundian ne sab thode baare

Kehda gabru oh thoton dil jo na haare

Everyone is talking about you everywhere

What guy doesn't admire you

Thoda jeha sangdae gabru

Duron matha teki jandae

Kareyo zara gaur maalko

Munda thonu dekhi jandae

The guy is a little shy

He says hi from far away

Miss please pay attention to me

This fellow keeps looking at you

Akhiyan de charche ho gaye

Mundeyan te parche ho gaye

Your eyes caught a lot of talks

Boys have caught up cases

Marzi de naal dil koi kiddan kho sakdae

Aina sohna sab kehnde koi kidda ho sakdae

How can someone steal someone's heart with permission 

Everyone says he's so beautiful, how can someone be that good looking

Chaleyo zara chaavein chaavein

Dhuppe rang cho vi sakdae (x2)

Walks in the shade a little

Your color [glow on your face] can wear off in the sun

Thonu dekh ke aiddan lagdae

Sanjhan jivein chir diyan ne

Baarish diyan boondan jiddan

Pattiyan te gir diyan ne

Looking at you it seems like

Our relationship is really old

As if droplets of rain water

Are falling on leaves

Ankhiyan di takni jiddan

Jharne chon diggda paani

Bolan da lehza jiddan

Hundi england di raani

The gaze of your eyes is like

Water falling from a waterfall

The grace in the way you talk 

Is like of the Queen of England

Saare hi rang jachde kiddan

Daseyo ji hasde kiddan

How does every color look good on you

Please tell us how you laugh your laugh

Thonu vekhe bin tan ji

Saddi lehndi bhukh nahi

Jehda suit chitta payea

Ajj lagdi sukh nahi

Without seeing you

Our hunger is not satisfied

You're wearing this white suit 

Today will not be an easy day [for admirers] 

Meri geetan wali jo

Tusi diary warge oh

Ik gall hor aakhaan

Shiv di shayari warge oh

You are like the diary of my songs

If I can say one more thing, you are also like the poetry of Shiv (Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

Thoda thode nehde aake

Bolan nu jee jeha kardae

Pattna da taaru jatt vi

Dekho kivein paani bhardae

I feel like coming a little close to you and saying something to you

This sophisticated Jatt is submissive to you

 ["pattna da taaru" loosely translates to "best swimmer," but in a conversational context, it refers to being sophisticated, well-rounded, and well-cultured]

["paani bharna" loosely translates to "add water," but in conversation, it means that a person is following orders, kissing up, and submissive towards another person]

Aah akhar ankhiyan de

Assi padh vi sakde aa

We can also read these letters of the eyes

Chalo karma naal tan

Assi ladd vi sakde aa

Well, we can also fight with our destiny and karma

Kaho naa soch ke vi

Assi mar vi sakde aa

Say our name with thought and we can also die

Gall sunn lae kamleya maana

Tere te margi jatti

Hey listen you crazy Maan, this girl is falling for you

Boli ton sau lagde

Akhiyan ton dar gayi jatti

You seem gentle from the way you talk, this girl is scared from your eyes

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