Case - Diljit Dosanjh (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

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Case - Diljit Dosanjh (Lyrics w/ English Translation)

Song - Case

Singer - Diljit Dosanjh

Lyrics by Raj Ranjodh

Music by Intense

Ho agg laaiya tyre’an nu

Ni aunda aunda nappi ni

Chopperan nu na yaar theaunda

Police bhaldi thakki ni

The tires are breathing fire, here he comes speeding

Choppers can't get a hold of your guy, the police is tired of searching for him

Teri photo dashboard te

Tu mere layi lucky ni

Milan aauga baaghi jatt ni

Gate khol ke rakhi ni

Got your photo on the dashboard [of the car]

You are lucky for me

This notorious Jatt will come to see you, keep the gate open

Ho gaddi wich bass chalda bass chalda

Munda full pace chalda pace chalda

Bass is blasting in the car, the boy runs in full pace


Jeb vicho feem labhi aa feem labhi aa

Mitran te case chalda case chalda

Opium was found from my pocket

A case is running on us now

Ki tu kudiye super model

6 foot kaule kad kude

Tainu jo approach karuga

Dheyo vichalo wadh kude

Girl are you a supermodel

With a height of close to 6 feet

I'll tear apart anyone who approaches you

Akh rakhi aa top notch te

Mediocre chhad kude

Je koyi tainu vehm tan dass de

Jatt deyuga kadh kude

Got my eyes on the top notch

Forget about mediocre things

If you got any doubts then let me know

Jatt will remove them 

Udd’de aa waal tere ni jo bass chalda

Your hair is flying as if bass is blasting

Ni mitran te case chalda case chalda

Mitran te case chalda case chalda

Case is running on us (x2)

Hundi charcha BBC te

Gadar tere pind thaale di

Chamble da si jehda jatt ne

Sirri nappi mere saale di

BBC is spreading news about the revolt uprising in your village

Smashed the head of the guy who was acting out too much

Tere piche vajjdi gehdi

Fikar na kar ni paale di

Shiv naal pakki yaari paigi

Peshi shehar batale di

I'm making trips after you

Don't worry too much girl

Got a good relationship with Shiv now (reference to Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

My court date is in the city of Batala

Judge vi sunau faisla ni Raj val da ni

The judge will announce his verdict for Raj's side


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